J Park Sriracha in Cholburi Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

J Park Shopping Mall is in Sriracha in Cholburi Thailand. Style of traditional Japanese Edo period. A shopping mall with small garden and The Building a replica of the Japanese. The highlight of J Park is “Golden Pavilion” or “Kinkaku-ji Temple” is the ancient temples of Kyoto. There is a legend about cartoon the kid monk in this temple and this temple was once the residence of Shogun Ashika-nga Yoshimitsu. ( cartoon the kid monk is risque , not true but Shogun Ashika-nga Yoshimitsu was real person.)  Originally “Kinkaku-ji Temple” didn’t a temple but there was as a vacation home of  “Sionji Kitsune The Statesman” and later “Shokun Ashika-nga Yoshimitsu” has bought a home from him and gave the name to “Kinkaku-ji Castle” and later “Shogun” just died and his son just did change this place to a Temple Zen Style.


There is atmosphere Decoration to the Japanese style, Sakura tree and Maple tree model, Japanese lamp, Daruma doll and Red wooden bridge so all of which are Japanese style. Because here lots the Japanese industrial factory and Japanese persons came to work here also and they are like to evening shopping in J Park too. there are many shops, lots the use things and lots feed. Japan Restaurant by Japanese-style decoration with atmosphere.

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“Daruma doll”  is wooden doll of Japan by in sphere without limbs, It looks similar to the Bodhi Dharma. (Named Daruma in Japanese.) have mustache, beard, most Daruma dolls are red but there maybe some other color, at the chin are written request blessing. How to go I used GPS Google Map on The Motorway for ahead to Pattaya but out  from motorway by the way to Sriracha Tiger Zoo but just U turn to the bridge over the motorway can be seen in the left hand.
 Click here for larger Map 
Map J Park Shopping Mall Chon Buri

Map J Park Shopping Mall Chon Buri

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