The Giant Swing, Wat Suthat in Bangkok Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

The Giant Swing (Thai: เสาชิงช้า, Sao Ching Cha) is a religious structure in Bangkok, Thailand, Phra Nakhon district, located in front of Wat Suthat temple. It was formerly used an old Brahmin ceremony, and is one of Bangkok’s tourist attractions. With a height of 21 meters and approximately 10.50 meters in diameter round base. The Giant Swing was originally constructed in 1784 in front of the Devasathan shrine by King Rama I. During the reign of Rama II the swing ceremony was discontinued as the swing had become structurally damaged by lightning. In 1920 it was renovated and moved to its current location in order to make space for a gas plant. The ceremony was again performed until 1935, when it was discontinued after several fatal accidents. Map for Wat Suthat


Wat Suthat Thep-Wararam is in Bumrung Meang Road, Sao Chingcha Zone, Bangkok Thailand. The temple is open daily from 08:30 to 21:00 hrs. 20 Baht / person. The temple’s construction was commissioned by King Rama I (1782-1809) name was “Wat Maha Suthawas” but it was finally completed during King Rama III’s reign (1824-51) name is “Wat Suthat Thep-Wararam” , Located in the Old City area, just east of the Royal Field. Wat Suthat Thep-Wararam is temple of the King Rama 8 old name was “Wat Maha Suthawas”, King Rama 8 Statue is in front the chapel. Phra Sri Shakyamuni Buddha Statue from Wat Mahathat in Sukhothai City, a bronze Buddha image over 8 m (25ft) tall. Map for Wat Mahathat

 The large and peaceful cloisters surrounding the wihan contain more than 156 Buddha statues along the outer wall, the flowers and birds mural drawing. Nearby is the Bangkok City Hall.

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