Thoi Luu Thuan I have admired his photography for some time.  He lives in Vietnam and his work is well done and beautiful.  This is the first of series of his work.  We will do landscapes then portraits next.  His english is limited so we will let his art/photos to speak for him. This is the second in the series of Landscapes of Thai Luu Thuan

To see more of his work view his facebook page Thoi Luu Thuan

Xóm nhỏ vùng cao Small neighbor region Chùa Hội Khánh The Pagoda Opening văn Miếu Trấn Biên Temple of literature, the border guard Đầm Túy Vân Drug Van Dam Hừng đông Breaking dawn Sương sớm miền quê Early frost country Lưới Grid Lối Xưa Old Hình bóng quê nhà Your hometown



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