CHAPTER 13: Asik- Asik Waterfalls, Alamada, North Cotabato, Philippines


So this next article is probably about the most “exotic” place I’ve ever been, by far!

It’s newly discovered, totally undeveloped, unspoiled, very remote, to say the least.

I’ve only learned about this enchanting waterfalls located deep inside the heart of the island of Mindanao, in the Philippines, two days prior to my flight to Davao City. I challenged myself to go to a place not for the faint- of- heart and nature trip and, boy, I was totally awe- struck…!

Asik- Asik Falls Asik- Asik Falls

Asik- Asik Falls Asik- Asik Falls

After I arrived at Davao International Airport in the morning, about an hour and 45 minutes flight from Manila, I decided to spend a day before heading to North Cotabato, because I know I’ll be facing a battle getting to this waterfalls… Davao City is still consistently clean and well organised since my last trip here, years ago, but I have to say…

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