JJ ExpressCompany: JJ Express

Type: Bus

Country: Myanmar

Route: Mandalay City – Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake)

Rating: 3 out of 5

3 out of 5 Rubies

Freshly fed, I was ready to start another overnight long-haul bus journey. After a great first JJ Express experience, there was no doubts in my mind when I booked to travel with them again. Unlike my first journey with JJ Express (read about it here), there were only three westerners among the travellers. To travel from Mandalay to Nyaung Shwe with JJ Express cost 11500 Kyat ($11.50US) at time of travel. Eight hours in total, I opted for the 10pm bus arriving in Nyaung Shwe at 6am.

I boarded the bus and was excited momentarily at the sight of an on-board bathroom, but my excitement was short-lived as the door branded a large “Out of Order” sign. Moving down the bus, I noticed it was much older than the first I…

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