Review: Platypus Kitchen

The Bean

Ever since the opening of Pince and Pints, the existence of lobster rolls came into my attention. However, with the never ending list of cafes for me to visit, my plans to have my virgin go at lobster rolls have always been overshadowed by my cafehopping intentions. I have heard about Platypus many a times, and got a little confused about their offerings as the Platypus group has 6 subsidiaries under its wing. (Not too sure if it’s the right term to use but whatevs, because I ain’t a business student, even though I took MKT1003X before.) 

They have the well-known Platypus Lobster Shack, which is probably the most well-known amongst the 6. Platypus Test Kitchen, that serves up pasta at Raffles Place; Gourmet 2 go, a modern organic food bar; Platypus Family Kitchen, which focuses on family-oriented meals like set lunches and kids meals. I have actually been to…

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