Coron, Paradise of Phillipines


Nov 8 – 14 2014

My first abroad, my first stamp on my passport.
I flew from Jakarta in the middle of the night with the excitement for vacation. Headed to Manila, Philippines, then flew again down to Palawan island, Coron.
When I hit Ninoy Aquino International airport, was trying to call a friend to filled my 6 hours connecting flight. Apparently, he forgot that I was coming and slept during the day. There you go, I got stuck at the airport for 6 hours.  Didn’t want to go anywhere anyway I was afraid I got lost.


Map of Coron Map of Coron

I walked my first step on Coron, Palawan. Breathing a different atmosphere. There was vans waiting to deliver passengers to their destination for 150 pesos. The only ride you can get in the airport. While on the way, I mailed a friend who lived in Coron. His name is…

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