Review: LeBan HK Cafe @ Jalan LeBan

The Bean

Alright, alright, I shall stop being selfish and start sharing with the world about my favorite supper spot, besides Swee Choon, of course. I first heard of this place about 2 years ago, when i came across of a picture of their salted egg yolk fries, and have been dying to visit them ever since. However, I never had a chance and luck to until recently because they are located in a rather ulu part of Thomson, which is away from all the hustle and bustle are where all the cafes are sprouting up at.

In fact, I’ve made 2 attempts to visit them before I actually set foot into this cafe. My first attempt made was on the night of the Eve of Chinese New Year. My family and I were desperately looking for places to go for a late night dinner at about 10 or 11, and we…

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