FOC by Nandu Jubany – Hola, great decor, friendly service, fun crowd, fabulous Spanish food!

Simply foodolicious! おいしい! 好吃! 맛있는! délicieux! delicioso! 好食!

FOC restaurant

40 HongKong Street

DSC_1109Termed as the “hardest-to-book” restaurant of the century, and I can see why after tonight’s fun visit to FOC restaurant. Firstly, it is widely marketed as the Spanish restaurant that is opened by THE Michelin-starred Nandu Jubany. Secondly, you would have already seen loads of funky pictures online about its interior. That is enough to pique any foodie’s or hipster’s interest and as a big fan of Spanish food (due to their super addictive paella and tortilla), I was adamant to try this place out and booked it THREE weeks in advance. Yes, that is how difficult it is to book.



Lets take a look at the super interesting interiors that is full of human heads. Makes it really fun and definitely has a young vibe. I am afraid that it may be too hipster but actually was just right for me. I think I…

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