Sankampaeng Hot Springs Chiang Mai Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Sankampaeng Hot Springs is in Mea-on District in Chiang Mai Thailand, Just 34 Kms. to east of Chiang Mai city. Open daily since 8 am.- 9 pm., Ticket for 40 Baht and kid 20 Baht / person. Here are pools and for foot pool, bathroom and home stay.

map on where and directions

Sankhampang Hot Springs

1 Moo 7, Tumbon Baansahakorn, Amphoe Mae On



Walkway is Soothing mineral springs wide 2 meters that flow curve from the hot springs at the top. Temperatures since from very hot to a warm place. Beside streams is the seat for the tourists for the legs dangling for put the feet in warm water and behind have the tables for enjoyed your foods. Benefits of Hot Springs useful are Relieve bone pain, Muscle pain, helps blood circulate better, Reduce stress, both physically and mentally, help metabolism in the body, help to eliminate clogging the skin and pores and skin clean make your skin radiant, Helps in the absorption of oxygen exchange and glucose between capillaries and tissues in the body…etc… The top is a hot springs large pond for  visitors to boil an egg, Temperature to 100 ° C, behind is the fountain that fling from the ground up into the sky to 15 – 20 meters.


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