Lotus Flower or Nelumbo nucifera by jackie littletaylor

Back in Egyptians times, the lotus flower was very important in their religion. Meaning creation and rebirth, it was a symbol of the sun, because at nightfall it closes and goes beneath the water and at dawn it… Read More

Thanksgiving Day in the USA and I am in Thailand by jackie littletaylor

My mother and me many years ago Today in the USA is Thanksgiving Day. I time for families get together and have a Turkey dinner. My best memories of the day was when I was young playing with… Read More

Top Ten Indonesia’s Dishes to Try

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Indonesia is an archipelago country consists of more than 17,000 islands. Imagine that each island has its own dish, Indonesian cuisine is too many and varied! However, there are at…

Thursday Photo of the day ” Children at Play” by jackie littletaylor

Nai Harn behind the beach Phuket Thailand To see more and info click In the US today is Thanksgiving. I big holiday with family together around a Turkey dinner. Here in Thailand no Turkey but I have the… Read More

Review: Portico (Restaurant Week)

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This was my virgin Restaurant Week experience, which almost did not happen. I’ve heard about Portico and how good their food were, however, there are simply too many cafes for us to conquer…