The Royal Park Ratchaphruek Chiang Mai Thailand. by KanyaBotan

The Royal Park Ratchaphruek sits in Mae Hia sub-district, in Mueang District Chiang Mai Thailand. Open daily 9 am.- 6 pm. The ticket 100 Baht and the kid 50 Baht / person and covers an area of 240,000 square meters, divided into different zones you need to spend the whole day here. Perched at the center is an authentic Lanna architecture of Ho Kham Luang Royal Pavilion where a painting exhibition about the life and works King Bhumibol is displayed inside. Visitors should not miss to visit the Orchid Garden to see rare orchids and International Gardens to hop into different styles of gardens curated by different participating countries, such as South Korea, China, Japan and Bhutan, to represent their cultures. Other zones include the World of Insects, Rare Plants and Corporate Zone. Trams are provided and do bring an umbrella as it can be really hot during the day.

Map on and where Royal park



Orchid Garden is near the door for into The Royal Park Ratchaphruek, Indoor gardens are decorated with lush green trees adorned with colourful gardens with many flowers of many varieties with a stream and a waterfall. Pho Tree of love and loyalty for The King Bhumibol.


Ho Kham Royal Pavilion is section is important and greatest. Through the thought process and Design from many Artist The Lanna. This building featured Lanna architecture, the architectural style of northern Thailand; inside, visitors saw pictures of King Bhumibol’s works and his dedication. by concept “The soul of the people of Thailand.”  Gable and Pillar entrance built by Artist The Lanna over 60 persons from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang, Phrae, Nan Province. Inside Ho Kham Luang Royal Pavilion is The Pho Tree is consists of leaf  21,915 parts. Ho Kham Luang Royal Pavilion is elegant Lanna Style by the buildings is brick half-timbered  2-story, Hazel and is on the mound, an area of about 3,000 square meters.

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    • yes if you have chance so you should to go and see by your self. They made the place for my King Thailand. thanks so much.

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