Review: Portico (Restaurant Week)

The Bean

This was my virgin Restaurant Week experience, which almost did not happen. I’ve heard about Portico and how good their food were, however, there are simply too many cafes for us to conquer these days, restaurants ain’t so much of our thing! We were so close to canceling our reservation on that day because the boy couldn’t get his bike to start, and we were kinda running out of time, since Portico is tucked away in Alexandra Road. In the end, we decided to take a cab down since we were both looking forward to this day for a while, and hey, the theme of this Restaurant week was CHOCOLATE. We both love chocolates. Moreover, Portico was one of the restaurants which was incorporating chocolate in their dishes, and we were curious to find out how!

The Place

Portico is nestled within Alexandra Road, amongst the various offices and warehouses, which can be…

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