Bhubing Palace in ChaingMai Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Bhubing Palace is located on Buok-Ha hill in Mueang District in Chaing Mai Thailand , Away from the city to the west about 22 Km. and 1,377.197 meters above sea level. Bhubing Palace is surrounded by lush green trees adorned with colourful gardens with many flowers of many varieties with a stream and a waterfall, Bhubing palace is famous for roses with lots of species and is small and big and very colorful.

for a map on and where Bhubing Palace

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King Rama 9 Constructed this Palace in the year 1961 to serve as a Venue for the reception for the climes and for the residence when staying in Chaing Mai and here still to this day the office is a place to work for the northern people

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Do not make loud noises.
Please dress appropriately.
Do not wear shorts.
Do not wear tank tops and sleeveless tops.
CLOTH  RENTEL before go to inside the Palace.
Do not go in flower garden and go in the lawn.
Banned keep flower.
Do not carry weapons of any kind
Do not bring dogs and pets of all kinds are strictly prohibited.

2 Comments on “Bhubing Palace in ChaingMai Thailand. by KanyaBotan

  1. This place looks extremely beautiful. Chaingmai is my favorite place in Thailand, just for it’s beauty. Although, where in Thailand isn’t beautiful?


    • Thanks so much.
      where in Thailand isn’t beautiful? I think not have so beautiful all Thailand lol


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