The Great Stupa 500 parts Saraburi Thailand. by BotanKanya

The Great Stupa 500 parts the full name is Phra Maha Rattana Loha Jedi Sri Sasana Phothisat Sawang Boon, have big pagoda in the middle and the diameter of 50 meters have 9 floors and have small pagoda 500 parts are cascaded down, 4 Gate for go to main pagoda in the middle of all. Inside main pagoda have relics of Buddha. The wall of the pagoda just decorate by the ruby color glass.


Wat Pa Sawang Boon is in Kaeng Khoi Saraburi Thailand, this temple built in year 1985 by Luang Phor Somchai Punya-Mano on area covering over 400 hectares. Inside the top of the 500 pagoda have the relics all. Inside of the temple area have a large hall for the people want to Meditation and have a lot art form wooden and stone. The temple is building the large reclining Buddha Indian style. Sizes up to 145 meters and intended to be the largest reclining Buddha in the world.


Free food in the almshouse of temple but the people still donation for the temple can cook next time. Near the temple have local market of local people where stay near the temple too and have local products for sale by cheap prices too.

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