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Tay Ninh Holy See is an ensemble of many religious architecture of the Cao Dai religion, located on the territory of Thanh Hoa Town, Long Thanh North (Hoa Thanh district) and part of Tay Ninh City, Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh town from 4 km to the southeast. This is the sacred shrine and where the central agencies operating foundation of the Church University Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do Tay Ninh Holy See.

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Cao Dai Dao Official Opening ceremony on October full moon day of tiger (ie November 19, 1926) at the temple Go cocoons (font name from Lam Pagoda, now in Tan Hiep commune, Hoa Thanh district, Tay Ninh ). Ceremony director lasted nearly 3 months with the arrival of many believers. However, due to the occurrence of the riots at the ceremony, the venerable abbot is like duplicating the temple. The believer must donations to buy a piece of land to build the Holy See. In late February 1927, they chose to buy a piece of land and then, continue to cultivate more to expand the campus building Cao Dai Holy Land.

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The initial clearing to the names of rubber trees to avoid trouble with the French government. Therefore, in the present Holy campus and some rubber tree is due to this.

The initial infrastructure of the original sanctuary was built with thatched roofs temporary earthen walls, to work and rest for the dignitaries. March 16, 1927, the Church officially moved to Cao Dai Holy Land.

According to the documents of Cao Dai, they said that the whole design details of Holy Christmas is because God gave the pen body. However, in later years, the conflicts that arise in the hierarchy, the Church’s internal rift, with some dignitaries separately establish tribes, returned to attack the Church. The building of the Holy See can not be started, but shelved for years. Until October 1931, Head Teacher Thai Thanh Tho (Nguyen Ngoc Tho) was organized as a base to start digging, tunneling Bagua. The work has not progressed much due to limited financial resources, so not long to pause.

1933 Upper Middle Nhut cardboard Rights Education officially started construction of the Holy See. However, it is not how much further due to lack of funding. Not long after he died.

1935, The Next Vinh Le The movement of money among believers, thanks Engineer Phan Hieu Economics from Saigon to do Advisor, thereby building Thien Dai Hiep floor, ceiling molding shed roof columns. But then, the construction is stopped.

February 14, 1936, HH Pham Cong Tac law, then the Attorney General Management II Tangible Radio, helm Church, has mobilized 500 on Mon (forerunner of the agency merit) continued to work Holy construction. Besides, he also asked the other devotees donate money, materials, food, send the Holy Land for the construction of the Holy artifacts without interruption.

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The construction was carried out continuously for over 4 years and almost complete basic, only to creating decorative effects. However, June 28, 1941, the French government concerns about the operation of the Cao Dai religion, should have arrested Passport France Pham Cong Tac, Khai Tran Duy Nghia measures and a number of other senior dignitaries deported to Madagascar. They also occupied by troops occupied the Holy See as a garage and accommodation for French soldiers, dismissed workers and dignitaries from the Holy Land.

Despite the presence in Indochina but rather bladder Japanese government before the French attack on the basis of the Cao Dai religion. Some senior Cao Dai dignitaries were arrested France, most of the Cao Dai Temple in South Vietnam were forced to close. Until February 1943, they interfere with the French authorities to reopen the Cao Dai Temple in Saigon, in exchange for Vinh Thanh Thuong Professor (Tran Quang Vinh), the law on behalf of HH Pham Cong Tac leaders Cao Dai followers, set Caodaists cooperation with the Japanese military. March 9, 1945, paramilitary forces Cao Dai white uniforms, berets team, armed with sharp bamboo sticks goes to support the Japanese main island of France, in the name of Prince Cuong was only established market forces Cao Dai alliance with Japan against France.

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Due to this cooperation, the Japanese agreed to the takeover followers Sanctuary area. However, due to the intense political events leading to the war, so the completion of the Holy See can not continue. Even the Caodaists to ROC national flag to avoid undermining the French when they re-occupied Indochina.

Until August 30, 1946, to enlist more allies in the war against Vietnam Minh, the French government allows Passport France Pham Cong Tac return to the Holy See. After returning to the Holy See, he did raise some workers back to repair the damaged site of the Holy See by French soldiers caused, and continues to work until January 24, 1947, the Holy See is completed . January 27, Pham Cong Tac Passport France celebrated the Holy Spirit Town. However, due to the circumstances of war, forever 8 years later, the Great Hall Inauguration of the Holy See and the base of the Holy Land Act was held on February 1, 1955

P.s all photo in this post are screenshot from the video i did, so feel sorry about quality of photos.

Map of the Tay Ninh Holy See

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    • you right, because here is just small town … and not to develop and far away from Ho Chi MInh city about 100km … …


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