Food Trip: Loriekot’s Lutong Bahay

Hello Saigon!

I am not sure from whom did I hear about Loriekot’s Lutong Bahay — but it must be from Facebook. And the more baffling fact was I only visited the place on it’s first year anniversary! It must be because it’s located near at the central business district where Filipino restaurants doesn’t seem to have had the luck to survive. Luckily, Loriekot’s defied all odds and celebrated it’s first year last Saturday. In fact, it caught Oi Magazine‘s eye and even printed an article about this Filipino venture.

So one time during lunch at the office, I decided to try it out. And honestly, I had a difficult time choosing from the menu. They had a list of well-loved Filipino dishes that I’ve been craving for a long time! I am no masterchef so I can hardly recreate most of the dishes in their menu. And they deliver, so joy of joys!…

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