Extreme Canyoning in Dalat, Vietnam

I Am Ryshel

Everybody in the hostel was talking about this canyoning tour so I decided to do it. Dalat Smile Hostel arranged it through Highland Sport Travel for me with the 4 German guys I met in Saigon who came to Dalat as well .

Our tour guide, Dao picked us up at the hostel around 8:30AM. It was just about 15 minutes ride from the city. The tip of our tour guide before we started was “Don’t be lazy, get crazy!”

We got all geared up then we had our practice for rappelling or what they call abseiling.


We then started our way to this canyoning adventure. The first part was the 18m dry cliff abseiling near a water fall. Not bad!


The second part was another dry cliff but only16m and I think I did pretty good on this one.


There were couple water slides too! First was forward then backwards. I…

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