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In this fourth edition of Marine Life monthly post, I am honored to include beautiful photos of Manta Rays from talented underwater photographers: Andre Philip, Boris Bialek and Chuck Gerlovich. Special thanks to Andre, Boris and Chuck for allowing me to use their amazing photos in this post. Please visit their links to see more of their beautiful photography works!

My diving certifications include a specialty of Manta Ray Diver – thanks to Scuba Schools International (SSI) and Orca Dive Center in Flores (Indonesia) for this interesting and eye opening course. My first encounter with Manta Rays was in Nusa Penida, Bali where I was at 15 meter depth and watched seven manta rays did the manta’s “circle” on the surface. It was beautiful sight. The second encounter was in Komodo, Flores where I had a chance to dive for 70 minutes with more than ten Manta…

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