Fall Farewells


IMG_8620 The Malaysian flag hangs from a pole outside my neighbor’s house. I snapped this photo as it flapped in the breeze on my walk home from school.

Fall. Usually the season of pumpkins, cozy sweatshirts, and spiced lattes, took on a different shape this year. Here in Malaysia the weather still speaks of summer. With red hot afternoons as ripe as they were in January, outside it is difficult to tell time has passed at all. Yet, time feels more tangible and fleeting than ever in the midst many goodbyes.

It’s always hard to say farewell, but it seems especially so leaving Malaysia, where goodbye has greater consequence. Soon, there will be whole continents between the students, teachers, and friends I have grown to love, and the culture and community that today feels like home.

When embarking on a Fulbright grant, a lot is said about how to come, but less about how to…

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