Singapore: Upper Serangoon Road is Just Great (Part 1)

You Must Be Hungry

[a.k.a Things to Eat along Upper Serangoon Road]

Having moved to the Upper Serangoon Road area for quite a while, it’s about time I started exploring the food options near my house – and of these there are many. With the help of Amos I managed to convince my parents to try these places, no mean feat considering that 1) the queues are very long and 2) there isn’t any aircon, both of which are mega no-nos for my mother. The recent rainy weather helped though, especially in making hot food a little more toasty and comforting.


What’s a better as a post-thunderstorm meal than a bubbling claypot of tender, well-marinated dark sauce chicken with heaps of garlic, herbs and ginger? This place stays true to its zhong-guo roots by not stinging on the chili – we ordered the xiao la (least spicy) but left the place drenched in sweat with…

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