Service Week 2015 [Part One]: Leg Room and the Comfort Zone

Teaching. Traveling. Writing.

I was pleasantly surprised to be sitting in the exit row of our flight.  Usually, I can barely squeeze my long legs into the seats of the plane, designed for Indonesians and other petite South-East Asians, so an exit row seat means that perhaps, just maybe, my legs won’t be going numb on the flight.

One of my students, sitting across the row (but still in the exit row) turns to me and says, “Miss Michelle, do all of the other seats have this much leg room?”
“Uh, no.  This is the exit row.”
“This is the exit row.  It means that if there is an emergency, you will have to help people get off the plane. And there is extra space so that people can walk through to the doors,” I explain, pointing to the emergency door next to him. “That’s why you can’t have stuff under your seat…

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