Tuck Tucks In Cambodia

Places Unknown and Everything Else

Tuck Tucks are one of the primary transportation choices in Cambodian cities. They are everywhere and drivers are in your face asking if you need a ride. There are lot of them and all of them need business so they hassle tourists to no end about potential ride. At first it was kind of interesting, but after one week in Phnom Penh it was getting on my nerves. I like to walk the city, observe it at my own pace. It means that at every corner I’d be hassled by Tuck Tuck drivers or motorbike riders asking about if I want a ride. When it happens a few dozen times per day, even so most of them I’d take with humor, some of them were very annoying.

Unfortunately there are no other public transportation options to get from one place to another. You either walk or you have to take…

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