Bicycle diaries, Vietnam. Cycling South to Vung Tau and the dust of Nui Dat. 

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Hello readers. Today is the last leg of cycling on this trip through Vietnam. My first day was in the northwest, from SaPa to LaiChau about 11 weeks ago. It was pouring rain and cold at almost 2000 metres elevation on the mountains, then excruciatingly hot and and dry in the lowlands a few hours later. Then came lots and lots of deep soft mud, landslides, bandits, a bus accident, heat stroke and a whole lotta fun. That was only the first few weeks – there was a lot more excitement after that.

But this is today, and there’s a hundred kilometres to go – the weather is good, the tyres are pumped and it’s all systems go. My legs are tired, but they were also tired 2500 kilometres ago, at the end of the first day. But after the first 50 km they loosened up and I was going…

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