Keisuke Tokyo Suntec – Less common but delicious Ramen Broth!

Simply foodolicious! おいしい! 好吃! 맛있는! délicieux! delicioso! 好食!


Suntec City

IMG_7323Keisuke Tokyo – Sounds familiar yet still doesn’t ring a bell? This is the ramen that requires you to queue for quite a while outside their pioneer branch at Tanjong Pagar Orchid Hotel. Being one of the bigger Ramen boys, Keisuke already has a few branches in Singapore and this fifth branch at Suntec City has some really interesting side dishes and ramen broth that would keep you coming back.

IMG_7326Well, upon sitting down, the prompt service crew would place a jar of marinated spicy bean sprouts in front of you which I love a lot. I actually finished one jar on my own while K looked at me in awe as it tasted so well with my crab broth! One of the perks of dining in a spacious ramen restaurant, these starters come cold as they were refrigerated before serving and thus felt really refreshing. Very crunchy…

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