Phonsavan – Home of the Plains of Jars

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Phonsavan is the capital of Xieng Khouang province in Central Laos. It is known primarily as the gateway to the Plain of Jars. Phonsavanh is the provincial capital of Xieng Khouang province. It was built in the late 1970s and replaced the old Xieng Khouang which had been destroyed during the Second Indochina War. The area was one of the most heavily bombed in Laos, and that’s saying something in the most heavily bombed country in the world. Today the region is littered with unexploded ordinance and the evidence is everywhere. The resourceful locals use bomb casings and other remnants for every purpose imaginable: as fences and parts of their housing, as tools, vegetable planters, decorations and barbecue fireplaces.

Phonsavan – Home of the Plains of Jars

It may not be the prettiest of Laos’ provincial capitals, but urban charm isn’t what brings tourists to Xieng Khuang’s largest city. They arrive in droves to visit the Plain of…

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