Batik: a supreme tradition of Indonesia


You can’t travel in Indonesia without seeing it. A fabric that has made its way through time, Batik is a testimony of the rich and diverse cultural universe of Java, Indonesia’s central island and epicenter of art and history in the archipelago. Although you can find Batik in other countries such as Nigeria, Togo, China, India, Mauritius, Madagascar or Sri Lanka, it is in the island of Java that the finest pieces and techniques can be found. Specialists can’t decide whether the technique of Batik is originally from Java or if it was brought there from Egypt and the Middle East, but they all agree that you can find in Indonesia the greatest collections, an unmatchable panel of styles and patterns. We offer to bring you to the best Batik places in Indonesia to discover this supreme art that has become a local tradition and a national pride.

Batik a supreme tradition of Indonesia Batik: a…

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