Pla Chon Pad Kein Chai [Thaifood] by KanyaBatan

Pla Chon Pad Kein Chai or Fried Fish with Celery. Easy to cook and eaten with rice. – garlic, Celery, chilies, bean paste, oil, some sugar and fish. You can take boiled or fried before cook. bean paste photo… Read More

Seeing Chinese Domination in the Vietnamese Past

Originally posted on Le Minh Khai's SEAsian History Blog:
A reader asked where the idea that the millennium when the Red River Delta was part of various “Chinese” empires can be seen as something like “1000 years…

Koh Chang Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Koh Chang (meaning Elephant) Island at Trat Thailand, Is an island located in the Gulf of Thailand and minor the Phuket Island. Here have nice views ,clean water and in the Island still have waterfall and many activities, a lot… Read More

Ruk Thai village, Maehongson by kaimu662

44 killometer from Mueng District inside the project is Ruam Thai village where delicious and aromatic coffee amidst exquisite flower gardens is offered. Rafting in the lake is not to be missed relax yourself on the raft and… Read More

We Tested for You Leather Workshop in Yogyakarta

This hidden gem located in the heart of the city is one of the most popular things to do in Yogyakarta. The eOasia team is constantly on the road, looking for the best activities . We are currently…