A person to bounce off an idea by jackie littletaylor expat


Thinking  waterfront sunset alone 16x9 impression

Thinking waterfront sunset alone 16×9 impression

When living in the US and with family/ friends and co workers, always someone to bounce an idea around with.  There have been studies done on why large groups of people are the most productive in research and coming up with new innovations.  AS the saying goes  “more heads are better than one.”  I miss that, living away from my home country.  I have friends but usual a language or culture barrier.  I had a business idea but missed “what do you think of this or what do you think of that!  In the end just went with what I thought.  haha  Now only me to blame for success or failure!    I have just changed our name from SE ASIA Travel and Stuff  to LIFE in SE ASIA a daily magazine.   I want to go more toward life here thru photography than just a travel blog.  There are others doing a travel blog and do a great job at that.  We will feature photography, culture, travel, education and food.  We will continue to do daily post on placed to see, stay, and eat.  Those of us that are “older” and grew up in the US will remember a magazine “LIFE”   Gave the story more in photos than text.  I am a photographer, so maybe why I like that!


3 Comments on “A person to bounce off an idea by jackie littletaylor expat

  1. “a picture is worth a 1000 words”. Either way, I will continue to enjoy looking for your posts on my Reader. Your re-blogs have led me to many good resources.

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