Tiara’s Here!


A Canadian in Cambodia

I’ve been busy and it’s wonderful.  I’ve been incredibly busy with school but I don’t feel overwhelmed.  For the first time since I’ve been a teacher, I have a job that I enjoy as well as ample prep time to make the most of it.  It’s fantastic.  Besides feeling happy and fulfilled with my job, I’ve also been getting out a lot.  Cambodia has so many holidays including one that was just invented to mark the anniversary of the king’s death (he died last year) so, we had last Wednesday off and decided to get out of the city for the day.  I’ve made friends with a colleague at work and she came along with Robert, Alice, and I on a wonderful adventure across the river from Phnom Penh.  We saw many banana and mango trees and it was fantastic.

Also, Tiara (my former co-worker in Albania) has come to…

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