Yunnan Cultural Village, Mae Hong Son Province by kaimu662

Visit clay houses, eat pork hocks, and experience Yunnan culture

Yunnan Cultural Village provides the way of life and Chinese clay houses. Tourists can taste the green tea and pork hocks with buns at Baan Santichon surrounded by the mountains of Pai.

Pai is beautiful because of the mountain scenery, Pai River, the way of life, and mixed cultures from various tribes. About five kilometers from Pai, there is a village called Santichon or the Yunnan Cutural Village where Yunan tribesmen have moved to live. This village is one of the most popular attractions of Pai.

At the Yunnan cultural field, you can see a huge rock and a dragon creeping up a pole at the center of the field. Around the field, there are many souvenir shops, Yunnan Chinese restaurants, and clay houses. Tourists can try original Yunnan Chinese food and experience the Yunnan way of life.

Recommended Food

At Santichon village, you have to try authentic Yunnan Chinese food such as pork hocks, buns, steamed black chicken with Chinese herbs, fried shiitake mushroom, and Yunnan girl’s salad. These dishes come with boiled rice. For people who want to go back and have a meal in Pai, we recommend Baan Benjarong and Nong Best two restaurants that serve delicious food. At Baan Benjarong restaurant, a favorite is fried shrimp with tamarind sauce. Local food is provided at Nong Best restaurant such as Siam redtail catfish, tom yum and triple crisp & spicy salad.

Before Traveling

Yunnan Cultural Village provides reasonable cost home-stay resorts for tourists who want to experience Yunnan culture.

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Map of Yunnan Culture Village

Map of  Yunnan Culture Village

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