The temple in the Swan Boat, Thailand. by KanyaฺBotan

Wat Chalor at Bang-Kruai Nonthaburi Thailand, here is The temple in the Swan Boat is very beautiful and being to built year 1983 just finished 85% ago. This temple is the temple since ancient Ayutthaya , by record of this temple. Luang Phor is the monk of the this temple tell about his dream , was to see a swan boat is front the old temple that why him thinking to build about the swan boat for here. The tracery carvings all are about the swan so very nice art. The inside of the temple have Buddha statue name is Luang Phor Dum.  The area around the swan boat is a lake and building about King of Nagas inclose the swan boat.  Last time here was an old church but just created a new church now. wcwc33wc6wc14wc65wc63

Map for Wat Chalo and click for larger map

map Wat Chalo

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2 Comments on “The temple in the Swan Boat, Thailand. by KanyaฺBotan

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    • I looked at the link you gave and have no idea what your talking about? The article she did was excellent and with many photos well done. We love comments but confused what you are saying? If you have updated photos or info we encourage and welcome that, is that what you are saying? jackie

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