Andaman Ocean at Ranong Thailand. by KanyaBotan

This trip I want to see the Andaman Ocean so driving to Ranong and I haven’t been come here before this first time for me, here I just to see the lifestyle of Ranong peoples.

Morning I just driving to see The Ranong City and going to Customs Port of Ranong and that opposite is Myanmar. I stop in car park just have many men ask me about want to go there or not so I think there is Casino, sure !!!


Mu koh Ranong National Park in Ranong Thailand, here very quiet place because so far from the main road just only have local people where stay near this place. They just doing agriculture, cultivation, husbandry, fisheries and Most of the population are Muslim.


I still want to see the Andaman Ocean, I just drive till to Lhaem Son National Park but I don’t into there but turn left on the way and meet this place so beautiful , this is Andaman Ocean.


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