Wat Kiri Wong in Nakorn-Sawan Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Phra Chula-Mani The Pagoda of Wat Kiri Wong in Nakorn-Sawan Thailand. You can see when you go to Nakorn-Sawan city is on the mountain and will go by traffic signs. Inside the pagoda have Mural is The Buddha’s birth till to Buddha’s death,The Relics of Buddha and have the Buddha statues to worship the four elements are Phra Keaw Morakod (The Emerald Buddha), Phra Phuttha Chinnarat, Phra Phuttha Sothorn and Luang Pho Wat Rai Khing at Nakorn-Pathom. There you can see 360 C view of Nakorn-Sawan City. Beautifully landscaped city of Nakhon Sawan. Can be seen at a distance of about 10 kilometers, look to the east, to see the Khao Kob, Bungboraped and market Paknampho. If you look to the south, Utthayan Sawan Park, River, The town hall of Nakhon Sawan and Khao Chom Khiri Naga Prot. Facing west The small and big mountain. Khao Dao-Wadung Wat Khiri Wong Matulee Street and Daowadung Street. Vocational colleges Nakhon Sawan in district Paknampho, Muang Nakhon Sawan. Way up to the top of the concrete is very wide streets. A distance of about three kilometers comfortable. The entrance to the opening 7:00 to 18:00 every day. See more about Nakhon Sawan Tower in Nakorn-Sawan Thailand. :

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By KanyaBotan.

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