Thung Bua Chom Floating Market in Ayutthaya Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Thung Bua Chom Floating Market in Ayutthaya Thailand, at 78 Km on Phaholyothin Road heading out to Saraburi. Open daily from 9:00 to 20:00 pm. Many shops and restaurants. Front of market close Phaholyothin Road have the Luang Pu Tuad Statue and a close have a statue of the elephants playing the water.



There is also a puppet fabricated steel from scrap metal, cars and bikes, where’s show the another point and have Giant pillars kilometers, inside the building is security guards. The old classic cars and Motorcycles and the old products zone.  Koi pond and the zone food center have many inexpensive restaurants and  the Thai Style Show and  admission is free.  tb7tb11tb17tb14tb29

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