Merry Malaysia: Batu Caves


Climb hundred steps to this sacred Hindu temple and delve into the dark cave rooted on top.

Dubbed as the focal point of Hinduism culture in Malaysia, Batu Caves attracts hundreds of visitors a day and more than 1 million guests during Thaipusam, a yearly Hindu festival being strictly observed by the Tamil community.

We took the KTM Komuter since it was the easiest route coming from Kuala Lumpur. The train was spotless and looks relatively new. The seats were like a fusion of a bus and train. It is very spacious too, making our trip to the Batu Caves a lot more conducive.





From the train, it’s a 5-minute walk towards the entrance of the Batu Caves. We were greeted by a green humongous idol that resembles like a monkey but with the body of a man.



There were also a cornucopia of vendor stalls selling religious ornaments…

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