Wat Sapum Thammaram Phuket Thailand more garden art great place for peace and photos part 2

More garden Art of Wat Sapum Thammaram

Wat Sapum Thammaram  sunset impression

Wat Sapum Thammaram sunset impression


Have been there twice and what a lovely place for some peace and beautiful scenery of the temple and surrounding court yard.  Its off the main road from Phuket Town to airport and hard to see from the road. No parking in front but lot of parking up on the hill next to the WAt.  See Part 1 for more information.   There is a small Garden that provides some nice photo shots. Best time of the day is morning as the temple faces east and the Andaman sea.  Located Phuket, Thailand and here is a map and how to get there. This is a temple for the local Thais so wont see tourist. Excellent place for Bridal shoot.

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