Local Northeast or Esan Thai foods. by KanyaBotan

Esan Foods are Favorites of Thai peoples, just hot and spicy foods and you can eat its all in Thailand , at hotel, resort, street food, on the beaches, waterfall area etc. Esan Foods is the culture of Northeast people of Thailand but everyone would like to eat its. This are some  from  “Hean Ya-Sho Esan or Ya Sho Thon House” Foods Restaurants  in Saraburi Thailand. open : 10.30 am.- 9.30 pm. Tel : 092-865-4958 , 092-865-4458

1. Somtum or Green papaya spicy salad.

2. Nuer Yang or Grill beef.

3. Yum Sear Loi Soun or grill beef spicy salad with herbs.

4. Gang Oam or pork and liver soup with vegetables.

5. Khao Neaw or Sticky Rice.


6. Chim – Chum or meat hot soup with herbs and vegetables. I confirm every menus are very delicious, LOVE its.


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