Thailand is my country !!! by KanyaBotan

Hello everyone, My name is BotanKanya I live in Thailand, Along history about my country. Thailand  are 4 Region, North, East, South and Central , I live in Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, lots peoples lots cars. Bangkok is never sleep’s city. One thing I think the foreigners would like to stay in Bangkok or in Thailand that is Street Foods, they can eat all time on the day or in the night and cheap prices too much for them about 1 or 2 US Dollars for 1 dish.


I like to travel in my country on my holidays or weekend, what you will see about Thailand , life, culture, art, views etc. but I just show you a little about my country. Will good if you come to see its all by yourself so Welcome to Thailand.

Mr.Jackie Littletaylor said “Life is a great adventure ”  yes, I see so doing great things for today better…”Life is short” … thanks.


by KanyaBotan.

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