‘Hangry’ in Manila

miss g alani

It was a light and warm rain that welcomed me in Manila. The 15 minute ride from the airport to the hotel was stretched to a 40 minute crawl courtesy of the capital city’s peak hour traffic. Ample time for me to take in the tiny, colourful and run down houses, dotted with brown skinned people sitting out on their doorsteps under rainbow coloured umbrellas, watching me watching them.

Little reminders of Samoa appeared (how I miss you!) as I saw men barbecuing meats for sale whilst kids ran circles around the women sharing gossip under the tent and guarding the chilly bin filled with sugary drinks.

Hints of Samoa on the way to Makati City from the airport. Hints of Samoa on the way to Makati City from the airport.

The hotel was in Makati City directly opposite a huge mall selling luxury brands and popular fashion. It was by now about 7pm and time to take up the recommendation from…

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