Wat Chalong (Thai: วัดฉลอง) Phuket Island Thailand Part 3 of 3 misc by jackie littletaylor

Wat Chalong Phuket Island Thailand What to see and info on what and where

entering Wat Chalong  Thailand

entering Wat Chalong Thailand

Located Chalong, Phuket Island, Thailand.  A must see and worth the time to go. There not be a more photograph place on Phuket Island than this place or a place that is on everyones list to see. I have been here many times over the years. I dont go much now except maybe on the week ends when they have a festival with lot of open markets and little stores selling stuff to local Thais and tourist. It is the largest of all the Wats on Phuket Island and the most important. Its formal name is Wat Chalyathararam( Thai: วัดไชยธาราราม). Dedicated to two monks Luang Chaem (หลวงพ่อแช่ม) and Luang Pho(หลวงพ่อช่วง)  The tallest of the buildings houses a bone fragment of the Buddha. The building is 3 stories high so good view. As with all visits to temples or Wats, when entering shoes off and it is inappropriate to go into a wat – a place of worship – wearing clothes that reveal one’s shoulders, chest, belly or legs.  


some more photos

YouTube Video by John James of Best E-Motion Video Production   Some excellent videos!

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