Somdet Putthachan-Tho Foundation in Nakorn-Rachasima Thailand. by KanyaBotan

Somdet Putthachan-Tho Foundation or Wat Soraphong Srang is in Sikuew at Korat or Nakorn-Rachasima Thailand. Mr. Soraphong is actor and him faith to Somdet Putthachan-Tho so just to building this Foundation, This place is not the temple and not have the monks stay here too. This place start to building 1998. The objective for the rouses and social assistance, still to promote the teaching of Disadvantaged children too. When walking out through can see the sanctuary. front is the big lake, clean and walk way have the roofing so don’t hot by sunny. Before walk to sanctuary just to pass the nice garden be shady so can relax too.



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